Join the Academy.

An always-on help desk for entrepreneurs, people employed in a marketing role & ambitious beginners.

What is the Academy?

The Academy is a dedicated platform where you can ask questions and access reliable answers so you can increase your knowledge, beat overwhelm and regain time in your day. 

Accessing reliable answers to your marketing, technology, and small business questions will help you to progress rapidly without trawling for solutions, drowning in information overload or lacking in confidence

Plus, you'll make connections, get support and build relationships with like-minded people. The Academy is a safe space, where there is no such thing as a silly question or too many.

It's time to work better, together!

Who is it for?

 Throughout our ten years in business, we've observed people's confidence destroyed by information overload. They feel confused, stressed out, frustrated, and unproductive. The Academy is a dedicated platform where you can access reliable answers to your questions, fast! Plus, you'll regain your confidence in a supportive community environment. Our members mostly fall into one of these categories, small business owners, professionals employed in a marketing role, or ambitious beginners.  

Who Leads the Academy?

The Academy is led by Lucy Cornes, the award-winning founder of creative agency, She Digital. Lucy's mission is to help you regain your confidence through knowledge and enhance your professional life through meaningful connections.